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  • Tuition fees for per year.
  • There is 2 installment facilities.
  • Tution fees will be updated for 2023-2024 term. You will have been informed for 2023-2024 term too.
  • Tuition fees does not include accomidation and food.

BlackSea Group contributes to the education institutions of our country in the supply of students and proudly promotes Turkey in the world arena. 

BlackSea Group company provides consultancy services to universities in Turkey in 3 different fields. First of all, Apply Study in TURKEY, which is one of our brand, places international students in undergraduate, graduate and doctorate departments, including private foundation and state universities, in
the fall semester of 2022-2023. Our second activity, Apply Internship in Turkey, provides international students with the opportunity to have an internship (observer) at the universities they have an agreement with, including the faculties of Medicine and Foreign languages. Finally, we provide consultancy services to private foundation universities in order for universities to have international accreditations. In this regard, we have activities through authorized persons within the ministry, who have provided these equivalences to many universities.

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