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What We Do

UBC New Hope Study Overseas works hand in hand with the parents/guardians of the students for accademic. Advice is always well given to a parent and student about attaining education overseas advantages and disadvantage s. Studying and high performance is our priority Hence some of universities have Job guarantee after studying period for talented students with good GPA .

Students benefit from:

  1. Scholarships for Diploma , certificate , undergraduate and graduate programs.
  2. Airport pickup, accommodation seeking and registration services for some countries.
  3. Best students reach their goals with low tuition fees.
  4. Talented students get a chance to study overseas
  5. Part time jobs as they study to reduce the burden of school fees and cost of living, hence also gaining working experience if there at the campus.
  6. Get a chance to pay school fees in instalments.
  7. Get into world employement market at the very young Age


Undergraduate Program

UBCNewhope Studyoverseas we envision is to encouraged young talented students with high accademic credits to reach their goals and become whom they intended to be, creating the world of young professionals with high quality of education with world explossure by low tuition fee in recognized ranked government universities abroad by full scholarship or partial scholarships.

By encouraging the students to aquire good accademic credits, as we work side by side with institutions and schools to bring up good accademic credits through different established school clubs also searching for desplined talented Students in technology innovation, Hence we encourage hard working,self commitment,team working and new ideas from students to make the better tomorrow for the society . This help them reach their goals at very young age after being introduced to their future. Only high accademic credits can guarantee scholarship in good recognized universities.


Our services extend to the graduates Masters and PhD. We're organize for your further studies overseas at a lower processing fee and reasonablel tuition fee.also part time jobs during studying is allowed , we can organize for a job which will help you minimize living cost needs including fee if not under a scholarship program.

Graduate students can choose kind of course they wish to take for further careers or to top up their studies.


Ready to reach your life goal?